August 16, 2023

This month in Dopex - August 2023



The month of August was eventful for Dopex as usual. From our new SSOV UI to the integration of Hashmail and Notifi, the month was packed with exciting developments for Dopex and its users.
Let's dive deeper into everything that happened in the month of August!

New SSOV UI- Beta!

We've launched a new beta UI for our flagship product- The SSOV. Some of the new features of the revamped SSOV include unified calls/put markets, unified weekly/monthly markets, easily changing markets via dropdown and the ability to display the greeks for each strike. Check out the new beta UI here!
If you do have any feedback regarding the new UI, please send it our way via the support button on our dapp or in the #ssov-feedback channel on our Discord

Hashmail Integration

Dopex is now using Hashmail for our support system! You will now have access to a Dopex AI bot that answers specific questions related to our products (currently in beta). Check our new ticketing system out by opening a support ticket on our Discord or directly on our UI!

Notify Integration

Dopex has now integrated Notifi into our protocol. For users, this means real-time alerts via email, Telegram or in-app for portfolio summaries, deposit fills, expiries and more! All you need to do is to click on the bell icon on our dapp to sign up.

Code4rena auditing for rDPX v2

The Code4rena auditing for our upcoming rDPX v2 took place from 21st August to 5th September 2023 with a prize pool of $125,000 USDC! For more info regarding the audit including an overview, scope, findings etc. check out this page.

The Weekly Roundup

Just like these monthly updates, we have started releasing a new weekly update initiative to keep our users in the loop on the latest happenings within the Dopex ecosystem. Check them out on our Twitter (X), Discord or Telegram.

New Dopex Papers

We have a series of new Dopex papers written just for you:
Dopex gets Notifi'd
Treasury Update - August 2023

Twitter Spaces/ Discord AMAs

Here’s a compilation of AMAs we attended in August:
Dopex x Dolomite
The evolution of DeFi in the last 4 years: Dopex x Tokelon
Dolomite DeFi roundtable
MC²Fi panel

Wen wen wen, what’s next for Dopex?

As usual, we have a lot of things in the pipeline. rDPX v2 and Dopex v2 are coming soon! We also have a Telegram bot and Straddles v3 in the works! Stay tuned for more info 😉

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