Treasury Update - August 2023

Treasury Update - August 2023

Treasury Update - August 2023

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This report is based on Dopex’s protocol-owned wallets which can be found at the following addresses: ● 0x04e38cdc3559fe6d91291cf4084d16340e4b585f ● 0x7d6fadb02e70bfb6325cfd6ec5605e552115aa76 ● 0xb8689b7910954bf73431f63482d7dd155537ea7e ● 0x2fa6f21ecfe274f594f470c376f5bdd061e08a37 ● 0x738ee36d7b860cefff526553e28a2b8928de4483 ● 0x0a95222b5ed8690a0279993e63903687536ccecd

These have been masterfully compiled in this Zapper profile here for your ease of perusal. As per usual, some funds have been added or omitted from the protocol balances for the following reasons:


MM funds (total ~$403,239)

We have funds deployed to external MMs amounting to 1,807 $DPX, 78 $ETH and 137,207 $USDT. Incredible.

LP Positions unlisted on Zapper (total ~$1,084,437) As usual some of our beloved Dopex LP positions are not yet listed on Zapper but are a source of yield for our cheeky little treasury.

Atlantic Straddles 445,983 $USDC is deployed to Atlantic Straddles across $ETH, $DPX, and $rDPX for our straddle enjoyooors.

Atlantic Perp Protection 200,000 $USDC is still deployed to Atlantic Perp Protection for your insured leveraged long needs.

Option Scalps 99,533 $USDC (multiple transactions) and 60,000 $ARB (total ~$154,733) is deployed to Option Scalps for our short attention span nuggets.

0dtes 51,000 $USDC (multiple transactions), 27 $ETH, and 60,000 $ARB (total ~$150,750) is deployed to 0dte for our lovers of a so-called “spread”.

SSOV Rewards 120,000 $ARB ($110,400) has been allocated to rewards for our beloved $ARB monthly call depositooors.


Dust Amounts Various dust amounts from our vlCVX rewards have been omitted since we have plenty of money and this is what we call “immaterial”.


See attached for account balance as at 31 August 2023 (Australia time of course).


Wow wow wow.

Now a little pie chart for a per-asset breakdown:


Hmm yes exactly as I, CFO of Dopex Pty Ltd., expected.



By Jupiter!

The majority of our drawdown comes from depreciation of $ARB with the rest of the so-called “market”. Additionally, we have paid a deposit to C4A for the outstanding community audit which should be returned quite soon indeed.


Another month delving into the financial affairs of this glorious Company. Not the dandiest month but UP ONLY from here.

Until next time, my budding accountants.

Warm regards,

CFO (not to be confused with CEO)


"Mm yes mathamamdicks yes indeed how intriguing”

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