Treasury Update - November 2023

Treasury Update - November 2023

Treasury Update - November 2023



On to the November treasury report!

Treasury Wallets

This report is based on Dopex’s protocol-owned wallets which can be found at the following addresses:

  • 0x04e38cdc3559fe6d91291cf4084d16340e4b585f
  • 0x7d6fadb02e70bfb6325cfd6ec5605e552115aa76
  • 0xb8689b7910954bf73431f63482d7dd155537ea7e
  • 0x2fa6f21ecfe274f594f470c376f5bdd061e08a37
  • 0x738ee36d7b860cefff526553e28a2b8928de4483
  • 0x0a95222b5ed8690a0279993e63903687536ccecd
  • 0x880c3cdca73254d466f9c716248339de88e4a97d (new addition)

These have been masterfully compiled in this Zapper profile here for your ease of perusal.

As per usual, some funds have been added or omitted from the protocol balances for the following reasons:


MM funds (total ~$344,834)

1,587 $DPX, 19 $ETH, and 195,257 $USDT is held by market makers totalling ~$344,834.


LP Positions unlisted on Zapper (total ~$1,588,485)


14,878 $rDPX, 1,371 $DPX, and 137.6 $ETH is LPed on Camelot totaling ~$628,934.


35,934 $ARB, 46,774 $USDC, 6 $ETH and 9,482 $CONE is LPed on Concentric totaling ~$120,967.


1.53 $wBTC, 48.7 $ETH, 74,097 $ARB, and 126,514 $USDC is LPed on the CLAMM totaling ~$358,323.

rtETH (total ~$353,916)

174 $rtETH is held totalling ~$353,916.



166,956 $ARB residing in 0x880 is from the STIP and has been removed from the treasury balance.

Dust Amounts

Various dust amounts have been omitted.

Account Balances

See attached for account balance as at 30 November 2023 (Australia time of course).


Another month of incredible numbers.

Now a little pie chart for a per-asset breakdown:



Month-on-Month (MoM) Performance

MoM change of +1.18%.

Indeed, we are now prepared to weather any economic outcome.

Closing Comments

Thank you for joining your CEO in another thrilling documentation of the financial affairs of Dopex Pty Ltd.

Until next time, my budding accountants.

Warm regards,

CFO (not to be confused with CEO)


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