September 13, 2021

This Week in Dopex: 15/8–22/8

As you all know the Dopex Public Testnet and trading competition is live. So 99% of our attention has been directed towards making the Dopex experience as smooth as possible and to fix any issues that are brought up.
We greatly appreciate the support, enthusiasm and feedback from the participants. We have been working to fix all the issues that have been brought up in real time.
Here’s is an update of the work we have done within the past week.

📌 Dopex Testnet Update

Dopex Testnet Update
✅ You can now auto exercise your options:
  • Navigate to the portfolio page
  • Click on the 3-dot menu and hit “Auto Exercise”
  • Approve the transfer to the delegator contract and then go ahead with the transaction
After expiry you should be able to claim your P&L if the option was profitable at the time of expiry.

Options Page

✅ Add user USDT balance (and volume pool balance if use volume pool is toggled)

Portfolio Page

✅ Add premium paid, current value of options and final p&l to the option balances table

Pools Page

✅ Several flow and usability fixes

📌 DeFi Pulse Farm of the Week

Dopex has been named farm of the week on the New Edition of DeFi Pulse Summer. Go check it out! DeFi Pulse Tweet

📌 Arbitrum Portal Update

Arbitrum Portal Update

📌 Zapper Fi Support

Zapper Fi has finally added support for Dopex! Zapper Fi support


📌 SSOV Sneak Peek

Single staking option vaults should be a catalyst to onboard >500m tvl into dopex on just L1 by incentivizing non-$DPX farms with additional yield while utilizing option pricing and white-labeled UI to onboard more protocols.
SSOV Sneak Peek

📌 DPX & rDPX Bull Thesis 2.0

Keep your eyes in the Dopex Discord Announcement channel as a new article that takes a deep dive into the Dopex Tokenomics is soon to be published!

📌Dopex Merch Survey

What’s a community of anon frogs without merch? We are currently carrying out a survey to find out what kind of Dopex merch you guys would like to have. We are currently in the ideation stage with MetaFactory MetaFactory
Fill in the survey: Inject Survey Template Here

If you would like to contribute in designing the merch, make sure to reach out to one of the team members in the Discord!

🔦 Community Spotlight

Security Tips From NemoNurgle

🕵️ Brave is a nice browser for sensitive things. Just remember to tweak settings and use Private mode as much as possible!
  • Shields section: pay attention to cookie and fingerprinting.
  • Block social media.
  • Do not allow login for extensions
  • Additional Settings contains “Privacy and security”: set “Clear browsing data” and at least on “on exit”: set delete everything.
  • Block 3rd party cookies
  • “Do Not Track”.
  • Safe Browsing: “Standard protection”.
  • Site and shields settings: block all auxiliary devices, location and notifications.
  • Auto-fill; deny everything.
  • Disable spell check.
  • Do not allow “continue running background apps when brave is closed”.
  • Use DuckDuckGo as search engine. Unfortunately MetaMask on Brave/Chrome does not play well with Ledger anymore, Trezor might work.

Dopex Radio: Push Mix

Head on over to the Dopex Discord and tap in to this cozy old school hip-hop/rap mix curated by our very own — Push Push Mix Radio


Get your hands on a limited edition Dopex NFT designed by our very own core team member @ PSYTAMA

📌 Newsletter Translations

Thanks to our community contributors, in addition to Chinese, Russian & Turkish we now have TWID available in French, Korean and Polish.
🇨🇳 Thanks to Dopexian @ KAPPALA for providing the Chinese translations of TWID.
🇷🇺Thanks to Dopexian @ ZAICAS for providing the Russian translations of TWID.
🇹🇷 Thanks to Dopexian @ Bull Tzu for providing the Turkish translations of TWID.
🇫🇷 Thanks to Dopexian @ sA for providing the French translations of TWID.
🇰🇷 Thanks to Dopexian @ FLEEANGEL for providing the Korean translations of TWID.
🇵🇱 Thanks to Dopexian @ ONΞSTΞΞLHAND for providing the Polish translations of TWID.

(NB: Translations will follow after the article has been published) That’s all for now, we hope you are enjoying the testnet and we’re looking forward to another great week for Dopex!

About Dopex

Dopex is a decentralized options protocol which aims to maximize liquidity, minimize losses for option writers and maximize gains for option buyers — all in a passive manner. Dopex uses option pools to allow anyone to earn a yield passively. Offering value to both option sellers and buyers by ensuring fair and optimized option prices across all strike prices and expiries. This is thanks to our own innovative and state-of-the-art option pricing model that replicates volatility smiles.

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