June 5, 2023

This Month in Dopex - May 2023



The month of May was quite eventful for Dopex. From the launch of 0dte options and our new bug bounty program, the month was packed with exciting developments for Dopex and its users.
Let's dive deeper into everything that happened in the month of May!

New Dev alert!

We hired a Carrot! This Carrot will be working on our highly coveted Dopex v2!

Launch of 0dte Options

We launched our 0dte (Zero-Day to Expiry) options in the month of May. We first launched with $ETH and later added $ARB 0dte options.
Check it out here

0dte Bounty Program

Along with the launch of our 0dte, we also launched a 0dte bounty program. Participants would be rewarded daily bounties for any content created regarding our newly released 0dte options. The competition ran from Fri 12th of May until Thursday 25th of May. We thank all participants for their entries and congratulate the people who won bounties for their work.

Dopex Front-End Registry

We launched a front-end registry allowing you, the community members, to develop front-ends for the Dopex protocol and register it for others to use.
Check out the list of available front-ends here.
If you want to make a front-end for Dopex, check out our blog post or our front-end GitHub for more info

Dopex Bug Bounty Program

Keeping our users secure is a top priority at Dopex. This is why we launched a community-wide bug bounty program to ensure a safer platform for all.
For more info, check out our GitHub repo for the most up-to-date information regarding scope, eligibility and rewards.

NEW CVX SSOV Puts launch!

We launched a new SSOV vault in the month of March. Check it out here

Call Options as Incentives

We released a Twitter thread here showcasing how our new call options as incentives would work with our existing products. The tread details what it is, the benefits of this system, the mechanics of how this would work and an example to better understand the new system.
If you are a protocol looking to explore this new opportunity with us, please fill out this Google form here.

Roadmap for Q2-Q3 2023

If you were curious about what we've been working on behind the scenes, look no further! Here is our roadmap for Q2-Q3 2023. It starts with the launch of Scalps v2 and will end with the launch of Dopex v2! Please note that all information is provided without warranty

Integration with Rabby Wallet

We have noticed a lot of interest in Rabby wallet. Hence we have added support for Rabby wallet on our dapp.

Trading competition with GammaSwap Labs and Rysk Finance

We partnered with GammaSwap Labs and Rysk Finance for their trading competition running from 8th May 2023 - 9th June 2023.

New 'Dopex Unpacked' Video Series

We've introduced a video explainer series called 'Dopex Unpacked' to help you understand our products better.
Check out our video on our protocol overview here, our SSOV video here and our Atlantic Straddles here

New Dopex Papers

We have a series of new Dopex papers written just for you:
Dopex Front-End Registry
The Dopex Bug Bounty Program is live
Options Scalps v2
Options Scalps v2 UI Walkthrough
Treasury Update - May 2023

Twitter Spaces/ Discord AMAs

Here’s a compilation of AMAs we attended in May:
Dopex <-> GMX AMA
Dopex <-> Silo community call

Wen wen wen, what’s next for Dopex?

We have got some interesting things lined up in the near future. Scalps v2 coming out very soon followed by our $ARB weekly SSOV with calls as incentives to follow up in the near future.

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