May 24, 2022

How To Get 2CRV Tokens


How To Get 2CRV Tokens for Put Options And IR Vaults

Put Options for SSOV and Interest Rate Vaults require 2CRV tokens as a base. This short outline will serve as a guide to show users how to acquire these tokens and how to use them on our platform.

What Are 2CRV Tokens?

2CRV tokens are acquired by depositing an undetermined amount of $USDC and/or $USDT into the Curve 2Pool.
The deposit link can be found here: on the Arbitrum Network.

Why Does Dopex Use 2CRV Tokens?

2CRV tokens can be yield-bearing; therefore, depositing 2CRV tokens into our platform will generate an extra layer of yield for our users (Around 2% at the time of posting this article). Once deposited, we take the 2CRV you deposited and stake them into the Curve Pool until the expiry time of the vault.
What Are The Necessary Steps To Acquire 2CRV Tokens?
  1. If you are on any SSOV Put Vault, you can click on the “Get 2CRV” link on your preferred PUT Vault, next to the Deposit text. Alternatively, you can click here to go to the website
    2. Once you are on the Curve 2pool deposit page, input the amount of USDT and/or USDC you wish to convert and click on Deposit. *Note you can deposit both types of tokens or only one.
    3. Deposit and approve the transaction to receive the 2CRV Tokens in your wallet. You can copy this token’s contract address to import 2CRV on MetaMask and see your balance.
    That’s all! You now have 2CRV Tokens that you can buy or deposit using any Put Vaults or IR vaults you wish to use. In the future, we will look to add a direct deposit function that will allow you to directly zap USDT or USDC into 2CRV directly from our UI. Good luck trading!

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