December 22, 2021

gOHM Single-Staking Option Vaults

We’re happy to announce that gOHM SSOV, in partnership with Olympus DAO, is live!
This article will briefly give you a rundown of how to navigate bridge your gOHM to Arbitrum network and how to interact with SSOV. If you are not yet familiar with SSOV (what it is & how it works), make sure to read the following article:
**Key To Note
**⏰ Deposits for the gOHM SSOV epoch (ending December 31st) are open NOW and will close on Friday 24th Dec at 8 am UTC.
There is no deposit cap (soft limit)!
The predetermined fixed strikes for the first epoch will be:


📌 Frequently Asked Questions on gOHM:

What is gOHM?

Governance OHM is a wrapped, staked OHM, set-up for on-chain governance — you can trade it on Arbitrum or bridge directly from Ethereum L1 using the Synapse bridge:

Where can I wrap my OHM to gOHM?


What is gOHM’s price?

Price of gOHM = price of OHM x Index

What is Index?

Index shows how much Ohm rebased since the genesis — you can check it here:

What are gOHM call options?

gOHM call options — allow buyers to bet that gOHM will outperform the market expectations implied by the pricing by:
  • OHM price outperforming
  • Index outperforming
  • Or both

And what do I do if I write gOHM call options?

You bet that gOHM will underperform the market expectations implied by the pricing by:
  • OHM price underperforming
  • Index underperforming
  • Or both

📌 Accessing SSOV

Navigate to:
Make sure you are connected to Arbitrum Mainnet (instructions on how to add Arbitrum mainnet to your browser wallet can be found here:

📌 Depositing

Next, you need to navigate to the “Vault” page choose the gOHM vault, and select deposit.
This will take you to a new page where you can manage your vault.
On this page, you will be able to select strike prices, deposit, and withdraw.

📌 Selecting strikes

At the beginning of each epoch, there will be fixed strikes that users will be able to select strikes for.
Once you select the strike/strikes you want, enter the value of (in this case) gOHM you would like to deposit for each (if you have selected more than one).
Once you have done this you will have to approve your tokens for spending by signing the transaction in your wallet and then you can proceed to select deposit and again sign the transaction in your wallet.
Once your transactions have been approved, you have successfully deposited them into the vault and you will be able to manage your deposits.

📌 Exercising your options

There is an exciting change to the exercise procedure — complete removal of the exercise window.
All options are auto exercised on expiry by default and can be settled any time after expiry at your convenience.

gOHM SSOV Contracts

📍 gOHM CustomPriceOracle:
📍 gOHM VolatilityOracle:
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