rDPX v2: $rDPX Single-sided Staking now live!

rDPX v2: $rDPX Single-sided Staking now live!


rDPX v2: $rDPX Single-sided Staking now live!

Greetings beloved followers of Decentralized Options Exchange (popularly known as “Dopex) and welcome to a classic CEO product announcement.

After an absolutely “splendid” few weeks since the launch of rDPX v2, we are excited to launch a long-awaited arm of the system. For those that have been with us since the beginning, you may be feeling, dare I say, sentimental about this revamped product.

Re-introducing: $rDPX single-sided staking.

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Wot mean $rDPX Single-Sided Staking?

$rDPX Single-Sided Staking is a new product that allows users to, well, lock $rDPX single-sided in exchange for rewards.

Users have the option to lock for a minimum of 1 week up to 1 month with a longer lock equating to a larger share of rewards. Note that you must re-lock your position after it expires if you want to maintain a reward boost.


Wot Reward?

For the first two weeks post-launch, the $rDPX single-sided staking contract will be incentivized with:

  • 75% of rewards from Dopex’s protocol-owned vlCVX (from Votium)
  • 25% of AMO profit and redemption fees (~0.44 $ETH/day; to be distributed in $ARB)
  • 1,510 $ARB/day from the STIP

The remaining 75% of AMO profit and redemption fees will go to $rtETH stakers.

Wot happen after two weeks?

An incredible question indeed.

With the passing of the STIP Timeline Extension proposal, Arbitrum protocols have been granted the option to extend their distribution timeline until 29th March 2024.

In line with this, Dopex will be spreading the rest of their STIP grant until the new deadline with the new incentive system beginning in two weeks time!

From a user’s perspective, they may experience decreases in yield as the same amount of $ARB is distributed over a longer time frame.

Closing Comments

An incredibly insightful update - well done, Nutoro.

As the year draws to a close, we aim to push out a mid-term roadmap update that will highlight the areas the team will be focusing on next.

Until then, my dear readers.

Warm regards,


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