March 13, 2023

DPX Liquidity Farm Migration

Konichiwa my budding Sushi enthusiasts. My name is Nutoro and I am the CEO of Diamond Pepes Pty Ltd. and now head chef at Nutoro’s Sushi Bar.
customToday I will be teaching you how to provide liquidity for $DPX or $rDPX on Sushiswap and earn trading fees as well as rewards in both $SUSHI and $DPX.
1. Go to the DPX-ETH pool on Sushiswap
The first thing to do at a sushi bar is to work out what you want to order.
customSince we are learning how to provide liquidity for DPX-ETH, go to the DPX-ETH pool here
customIt will look something like this.
If instead you want to provide liquidity for rDPX-ETH go here - the following steps will be the same but uses $rDPX instead of $DPX.
2. Select the amount of $DPX and $ETH you want to add.
Making sushi is all about balance - an equal blend of ingredients is essential for a refined palate such as my own.
customSimilarly, the DPX-ETH pool requires balance in its 50:50 LP model. This means you must bring an equal USD value of $DPX and $ETH when you want to provide liquidity.
customEnter a $DPX (or $ETH) amount and it will automatically select the amount of $ETH (or $DPX) it will need to be paired with.
3. Add liquidity
If you are happy with the amount of $DPX and $ETH to add, press the “add liquidity button” and follow the prompts (this will require you to approve the transaction first.
customYou now have DPX-ETH SLP Tokens that are earning trading fees!
4. Stake your DPX-ETH SLP Tokens
When you make a delicious piece of sushi, do you just look at it in admiration?
Nay, you shove that beautiful nori-wrapped goodness straight down your throat!
customSimilarly, making your DPX-ETH SLP Tokens is just half the journey - you must stake them too to earn $SUSHI and $DPX rewards.
customProceed to step 2 on the Sushi UI and select the amount of DPX-ETH SLP Tokens you want to stake and click “Stake Liquidity”
customMy my my, you are now also earning farming rewards in $DPX and $SUSHI on top of your standard trading fees.

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