Dopex x PancakeSwap: The CLAMM gets Caked Up

Dopex x PancakeSwap: The CLAMM gets Caked Up

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We are excited to announce that the Dopex CLAMM is now integrated with PancakeSwap. This will give Pancakeswap users access to our full CLAMM suite directly via their UI and Dopex users access to deeper liquidity.

Let’s take a look at what this integration means for you.

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What is PancakeSwap?

Launching in 2020, PancakeSwap established themselves as the premier DEX on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Since then, they have become a leading multi-chain DEX with over $1.5b TVL across 9 different chains.

They were also one of the first DEX’s to deploy a v3 AMM - for those familiar with Dopex, you would be aware that this is the core building block of our CLAMM product.

What does this partnership entail?

The partnership allows users to trade Dopex options directly via the PancakeSwap UI. Additionally, PancakeSwap v3 liquidity providers in eligible pools will be able to opt-in to allow their liquidity to be useable on Dopex. This will allow them to earn premiums and bonus rewards while having an identical exposure as standard LPing.

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For Dopex traders, this presents an additional source of liquidity for our popular CLAMM product. Liquidity providers also now have the option to choose PancakeSwap v3 as the underlying DEX when providing liquidity.

It is also the first step in our cross-chain strategy that will push the CLAMM to any chain.

What are the launch details?

The CLAMM will launch on PancakeSwap Arbitrum on <insert date> with support for ARB/USDC, wBTC/USDC, and ETH/USDC.

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Closing Comments

As the first new DEX integration for the CLAMM, there is not a better partner that Dopex could ask for. We look forward to working closely with the PancakeSwap team and community in discovering new areas of collaboration.

About Dopex

Dopex is a decentralized options protocol that aims to maximize liquidity, minimize losses for option writers and maximize gains for option buyers — all in a passive manner. Dopex uses option pools to allow anyone to earn a yield passively. Offering value to both option sellers and buyers by ensuring fair and optimized option prices across all strike prices and expiries. This is thanks to our own innovative and state-of-the-art option pricing model that replicates volatility smiles.

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