March 22, 2023

Twentieth Diamond Pepes Company Report

Righto lads, what do we have here? A little friendly (read: hostile) takeover of the so-called company report?
It seems our dear CEO (aka Nutbag) is still removing the shit from his pants post-international travels but fret not – I, your beloved CMO, Bulmeenis, will be taking over Company Reporting duties in the interim.
Please note: Nutbag usually likes to drag these things out but (thankfully) I am not him and can neither read nor write so let’s get stuck into it.

What We’ve Done:

Our First (1st) Birthday

We ran a lil’ competition to reflect the impact Diamond Pepes Pty Ltd has made over our first year of existence. Needless to say, the entries were degenerate as fuck.
customCongratulations to employees Flipwaan and Beachball for their winning entries, lootboxes will be shipped soon lads.

customrDPX V2 Retard Explainooor

We are strong believers that no one should be left behind, even the most mentally challenged. Our resident retard Nutbag put his shoulder-gnawing powers to good use and created potentially the single greatest explainooor document of all time for our rDPX v2 mechanics, complete with pictures. If you haven’t had the chance yet, check it out here.

customOperation: Rug it Back World-Wide

customCEO and I took a little trip over to the glorious land of Dubai for the ETHDubai conference. Team members of one of our subsidiaries (namely ‘Dopex’) were holding educational talks at the aforementioned conference and being the good sports we are thought it appropriate to go and show our support.
Pictured below is a paparazzi shot of our beloved Richard Dev, doing a little workshopping at the conference. Look at the handsome little nugget. Incredible.
customtl;dr Dubai was glorious, massive success, miss the lads dearly, sleep schedules are rekt, fuck it we ball.

Upcoming Big Man Tingz:

OpScalps Explainoooor

Nutbag put his retard powers to good use once again to dumb-down Dopex’s latest product – Option Scalps. Dropping soonTM (after testing is completed) be sure to have a peruse of what to expect from the upcoming product here and stay tuned for the high quality memes I know are currently cooking.

custom$ARB Airdrop

customWell shit.
It finally happened lads, the airdrop we’ve all been waiting for. Arbitrum dropped a cheeky little video announcing they will be airdropping users governance power shortly (L1 Block #16890400 to be precise).
They’ve also allocated 1.13% of supply to DAOs already live on Arbitrum (naturally Dopex and our friends the Jonesies and Pluteenis lads +more) so very excited to see what the future holds for Arbitrum under community-driven DAO ownership.
Check the countdown to generational wealth here.

The Search For Top G Continues

customWell then, wasn’t this a splendid time. Apologies for the lack of fruit reviews but one of us at Diamond Pepes Pty Ltd has to be the lesser autist. I hope Nutbag’s cleaned the shit from his pants by now and they never ask me to write one of these again. Booba, groppa, nueenis.
Until next time, my loves.
customWarm regards,
CMO of Diamond Pepes Pty Ltd.


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