July 2, 2022

Twelfth Diamond Pepes Company Report

The key to a healthy mind is a healthy body. Challenge yourself and there are no obstacles in life that you cannot overcome. This is a mantra that Diamond Pepes Pty Ltd. has taken to heart, with various Employees sharing their stories of exceptional step counts and workout regimes.
With Riu’s top step count of nearly 40k, Emonksmellsnusass’ new work-out regime, and Freeman’s regular participation in mud-wrestling classes, it is easy to feel out of your depth amongst this collection of fine athletes. However, keep in mind that we all move at our own pace so fret not, pretty pets, as you too shall make it - one step at a time!
Not one to allow his Employees to take the spotlight, CEO too has started on his own little fitness journey. Just last week I took the liberty of walking to the next suburb down to obtain a succulent Chinese meal.
Step count? A mere 4k.
As I am sure you are aware, an individual should be aiming for 10k steps per day and as such a round-trip home would only net me 8k steps - subpar for an elite athlete such as myself. Checking the ol’ Google maps, I looked at my estimated time to arrive home.
ETA? 25 minute by the most direct route.
Now, obviously just taking the most direct route would not net me the 6k steps needed to reach my 10k step target. On this note, CEO decided to take a meander through a little bush walk on the way home to ensure my daily step count was acceptable. With JonesDAO’s nice little podcast blasting through his headphones, he proceeds into the aether.
Now I enter the bushwalk and find a beautiful little creek running to my right and walk in the general direction towards my house. Whilst this is not a bush walk that I frequent, I am generally confident in my orientation abilities. I walk for about 10 minutes and find that the sun is beginning to set with no exit in sight.
The sky continues to darken and CEO feels an ounce of panic that perhaps I may not be able to exit the proverbial bush walk in a timely manner. CEO switches on his phone torch and looks for an immediate exit. He looks down through every possible exit but none is in sight. Finally, he comes to a clearing where he can see the tops of houses through the canopy of the bush. The problem is that these houses were found on the other side of the creek!
He continues along the bushy path with the hopes that a similar exit will be found on his own side but alas, no such exit is found. What he does find, however, is the top of a waterfall that would allow him to access the other side of the creek.
In a true do or die moment, CEO bites the proverbial bullet and walks along the top of the waterfall. The sun fully set, shoes soaked, step count surely reached, he emerges into the realm of civilization.
Completely disoriented, he checks his phone to find the most direct path home and the time it would take to get back to the comfort of a nice warm shower.
ETA? 26 minutes by the most direct route.
Rugged again.

Administrative Updates

Now that that is off the CEO’s back, time to divulge our beloved Employees with another dastardly round of Administrative Updates

Gen 2 Dueling is being tested

Gen 2 dueling has been deployed onto test net and it is looking, may CEO say, absolutely splendid. See below for some so-called “action shots” of dueling in action.
Oh? Who’s that handsome little nugget with an active duel? Wagering with size as well?
Wouldn’t want to mess with this pretty boy.
Let’s click on “duel” and see what happens.
En garde, vermin!

GMX joins the Celebrity Smackdown

The lovely man/LADY Tano joins the affray to represent so-called “GMX” which brings us to our full list of celebrities that will partake in our inaugural celebrity smackdown. Unfortunately, this naughty bean’s honorary is still under works so we must wait until we can glance upon another one of Rae’s fine creations. 
Oh? CEO can only imagine how lovely our offspring shall be once he/she accepts my esteemed seed.
This brings us to our FINAL participant list as follows:
  1. The Most Esteemed Nutoro representing Diamond Pepes Pty Ltd.
  2. Intern TZ representing Dopex
  3. Tetradic Node (may he R.I.P. in peace) representing Mithical
  4. Bulmeenis representing PlutusDAO
  5. IceCreamMan representing JonesDAO
  6. SizeChad representing Arbitrum
  7. DefiFrog representing JPEG’d
  8. Tano representing GMX
More information to be released shortly, people!

Trivia will continue to run as a regular event

CEO would like to express his sincere gratitude to all the lovely participants of our two recent trivia mnueenises/afternueenis/nueenises.It was a great little discussion and it was brilliant to see just how clever my little beans are.
What started off as a 1 $rDPX (potentially 1 lamborghini) giveaway for the winner was transformed into a 2 $rDPX (potentially 2 Lamborghini) giveaway with the support of our local oil baron the esteemed Sheikh Gravitylaw. Diamond Pepes Pty Ltd. extends their heartfelt gratitude to you for your generosity, my dear.
The winner of our second official trivia mnueenis/afternueenis/nueenis was none other than our very own silly Sami Vate. I leave below some of the tear-jerking comments left by our best friend and arch nemesis from his victory speech:
Not so silly after all, esteemed Vate.
Try not to spend all 2 of your $rDPX in one spot; wouldn’t want to send it to zero!
Diamond Pepes Pty Ltd. aims to continue with trivia for the foreseeable future so tune in for more highbrow entertainment and education for the masses.

Employee of the Month - June

It feels like just yesterday that we welcomed our first Employees of the Month to be commemorated in the honor books of Diamond Pepes Pty Ltd. to be worshiped for all eternity.
The feel good vibes of Esteemed Omeguhh, the exceptional artistry of Esteemed Riumodenton, and the incredible GIF making abilities of Esteemed 12YAK makes this honorary position not just highly competitive but extremely coveted.custom
Employees, please put your hands together in a huge round of applause for our Employee of the Month for June, our Klowneenis advocate and 8-bit artist extraordinaire Esteemed Flipwaan!
Beyond the artworks he has produced, he has gone above and beyond in our achievements channel and has whipped up several baked goods that are truly mouthwatering.
Happy birthday indeed, my dear subsidiary so-called “Dopex”!

Un-Employee of the Month - June

With all the beautiful, respectable, intelligent people CEO has chanced upon in the Diamond Pepes Pty Ltd. office space, there is not a single person more deplorable than the vile so-called “Slappeddd”. Pictured below are some horrid screenshots of conversation that this feral beast has chosen to unleash upon our poor community.
Amongst this sea of ungodly monstrosities, nothing compares to this demon’s proverbial Magnum Opus:
My brother in christ, please seek help (on the down-low, a highly commendable DN).

Achievements of the Week

Now that those notorious Administrative Updates are out of the way, let’s take a look at how CEO’s pretty peas have been going above and beyond and full-on achieving things.
God I love this Company!
  1. Freeman becomes a certified knitter
When you have brains, brawn, and beauty, people may refer to you as a so-called “triple threat”. Add culture to the mix? Brother, that’s when they call you the embodiment of the Four Horsemen of Sex Appeal (common saying where I’m from).
Whilst a newer addition to this fine Company, esteemed Freeman has demonstrated exceptional dedication to The Cause with his incredible knitting ability.
Keep up the great work, my darling.
  1. Big Baz successfully raises a nice Venus Fly Trap
Horticulture has always been one of CEO’s interests but unfortunately not a skill set that falls under one of his talents (of which he has many). Venus fly traps are notoriously difficult to raise in an apartment setting since they require more care than typical house plants.
Difficult to raise? Not on Big Baz’s watch.
Check out this absolute unit growing swimmingly on a nice little cardboard box. Looking forward to seeing far more progress pics from you my dear intern!
  1. Emonksmellsnuass learns Japanese-desu
As the world becomes more globalized, it becomes increasingly important to understand and learn from other cultures. This diversity of perspective in the CEO’s humble opinion has been a primary factor in how quickly humanity has been able to progress in the post-war era.
Pictured above is Emonksmellsnuass’ progress in learning the tricky Hiragana almost without a doubt for full immersion in the cultural experience of hentai.
  1. Brimarma reaches top 2% of OnlyFans accounts
CEO loves nothing more than a story of self-made success and entrepreneurship, and when he sees it happening within his very own office space it truly brings a tear to his esteemed eye. Brimarma recently started his own business on OnlyFans has since reached the top 2% of accounts.
The content? Delicious feet pics in stunning footwear.
Sign up using my discount code CEO2022 for 15% off subscription fees!
  1. Un-Employee of the Month shows off his Sleeping Arrangements
Jordan Peterson once said “If you can’t even clean up your own room, who the hell are you to give advice to the world”. Whilst I don’t agree with some of his philosophies, this particular quote is one that I have taken to heart.
Apparently CEO was not the only one that gave credence to this profound statement. Pictured here is Slapped’s sleeping arrangement.
My Brother in Christ, the world does not deserve you.
Congratulations on your appointment as the 48th President of the United States of America.
  1. Bulmeenis does the needful
Sometimes you have a good day other days you stay up 6 hours past your bedtime to participate in Anata’s recent Super Smash Brothers competition, get defeated in the first round, and fall asleep at your coffee table.
On this day Bulmeenis chose the latter.
Keep up the incredible work, Diamond Pepes Pty Ltd. is honored to have you as our esteemed intern.

Parting Words

Another incredible wrap-up of the week and CEO would once again like to extend his gratitude to each and every one of his beautiful Employees for making the world a better place. Keep on achieving as you were and there is no limits to the greatness you will achieve.
With Celebrity Smackdown participants finalized and Gen 2 dueling teetering upon completion, CEO shall assign his darling intern Nutorito to write some explainers for what the next steps will be for the long-awaited event.
As always, a booba, a groppa, and a nueenis until next time, my beautiful Employees.
All the best,
CEO of Diamond Pepes
Ladies love an old-school bad boy. 


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