May 8, 2022

Nutoro's PA's Explainers: Gen 2 Mint Walkthrough

Good mnueenis everyone, it is I, Nutorito, the Most Esteemed CEO’s personal assistant. I have been tasked with synthesizing Company Reports to ensure that our loyal Employees can find information with ease.
First order of affairs - how in Nutoro’s name does one go about minting a Gen 2 Diamond Pepe?

Gen 2 Mint Details

The Most Esteemed’s Sixth Company Report provided a concise and information-laden explanation regarding Gen 2 mint details. As a brief refresher:
Mint Site:
Time: 5:55pm GMT 12th May 2022
Mint Price: 0.88 ETH or equivalent in $APE
NFTs Available: 1,111
Whitelist: No
Mint will be on: Ethereum
NFT chain: Omnichain
Incredible. Thank you Mr. Nutoro!


So how does one go about converting their Ethereal Dollars (or “Ape Coin”) into a beautiful Gen 2? Let me walk you through the steps.

1. Go to

Heading to will take our lovely Employees to the Gen 2 minting site, pictured below.
There is a lot to takeaway from the page but the key things to note include:
  • Mint: Click this button to start minting.
  • Pepes Remaining: This is how many Gen 2 Pepes are remaining before the collection is sold out.
  • Start: This is the time and date the mint will begin (time is in GMT).
  • Time Remaining: This is the time before the minting will end.
  • Deposits: This is how many Ethereal Dollars and “Ape Coin” have been deposited for the mint.
  • Pledge Event: The link will take you to a refresher on the Gen 2 pledge written by yours truly. Remember that all Gen 1 pledgers will receive a Gen 2 free of charge!
  • Wen Reveal: The links will take you to TofuNFT (market place to trade Diamond Pepes) and the The Most Esteemed CEO Nutoro and our subsidiary Dopex’s twitter for reveal updates.
  • Duel Pepes: The link will take you to an explainer of the Gen 2 dueling mechanism also written by yours truly.

2. Connect your wallet

Incredibly insightful, Mr. Intern (i.e. myself)! Now that you know what all these mean, let’s get moving with the mint. The first thing you will need to do is connect your wallet by clicking ‘Connect Wallet’ in the top right hand corner!
Click that bad boy and make sure you are connected to the Ethereum chain.
Once that’s done, let’s get started with minting!

3. Click mint

Since we are trying to mint, let’s click on the mint icon.
Wow, the easiest step so far!

4. Mint your fighter

After you click ‘mint’, you will receive the following pop-up.
Here you will be able to choose how many NFT’s you want to mint by pressing the + and - buttons. You will only be able to mint 4 per transaction - if you wish to mint more you will have to do another transaction(s).
You will also be able to select your mint currency by toggling the ‘Mint with $APE’ button. By default, you will be minting using ETH.
If you wish to mint with $APE click the toggle til it is blue and positioned to the right. $APE will be priced according to Chainlink feeds that will convert 0.88 ETH into equivalent $APE tokens.
Atlanteenis to you too, my fellow intern so-called “TZ”.

5. Wen reveal

An excellent question my future colleagues. The reveal date is yet to be set but will definitely be announced on one of our official channels. Feel free to follow the following Twitter accounts to find out WEN as soon as the information is available:

Parting words

Thank you very much for your time, my lovely future colleagues. Diamond Pepes Pty Ltd. are looking forward to welcoming you aboard this beautiful Company.
If there are any questions feel free to hop onto the Dopex Discord and head to the #water-cooler-talk channel to ask any questions there. We have an abundance of beautiful Employees (and maybe even our supreme ruler himself) that would be happy to give you an answer.
Until next time, colleagues!
Kind regards,
CEO’s Personal Assistant
Grade 2 Pen License | Qualified Barista

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