September 23, 2022

Gen 2 Mint - Mint UI Walkthrough

*This is a visual guide to the *Gen 2 Mint Explainer
This is a quick walkthrough of the Gen 2 Mint
There are 3 separate ways for you to get your clammy hands on your very own Diamond Pepe:
Mint Pathway
How to mint
custom"What's a mint credit Mr. CEO!" I hear you ask?
Well, with our unique duel mint mechanism, when a loser loses a duel, they will receive Mint Credits to represent the ETH that goes to the Diamond Pepes Treasury (80% goes to the treasury whilst 20% will go to the winner). Mint Credits can be accrued to mint a Diamond Pepe OR be used to offset the 0.88 ETH cost of a Standard Mint.
Please note that the mint will be held on Arbitrum so make sure your wallet is connected to the correct chain.

Standard Mint

The Standard Mint is super straight forward.
Firstly, make your way towards the Mint Site and click on the mint button.
customChoose how many Diamond Pepes you want to standard mint at 0.88 ETH per Pepe.
customCongratulations, you have successfully minted Diamond Pepe(s) AND passed an IQ test.


Now before we can use Mint Credits to mint, we need to learn how to duel to earn the Mint Credits.
In any duel, there are two players:
1. Duel Creator: person that creates the duel
2. Duel Challenger: person that challenges the Duel Creator’s duel

Create Duel

Click “Create Duel” to create duel you silly bean
customThis will open a screen which allows you to choose wager amount (in ETH or WETH), select your moves, and to see max payout/fees.
customNote that for the duration of the Duel Mint, wager amounts will be standardized to either 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, and 1 ETH to ensure the process is as streamlined as possible for duelists.
Click ‘Select Moves’ to choose your moves, keeping in mind what stats each of these moves have (damage, guaranteed damage, defence)
customClicking save will prompt the download of a moves.txt file that saves your move sequence and your secret code- you will need to reconfirm these when revealing your moves against an opponent.*
The .txt file will look like this.
customThis indicates your 5 moves in order followed by the secret code for your duel.
Your duel will now appear under ‘Your Active and Recent Duels’ awaiting a challenge.
customNOTE: Your duel will only stay open for 4 hours before being closed and your wager returned to your wallet.
When your duel has been successfully challenged, click reveal to see the duel outcome.

The Big Reveal

After you have been challenged by another duelist, you will be required to 'reveal' your moves and secret code by re-entering them into the UI.
When you are creating a duel, you will see a prompt that asks if you want to share your moves and secret code with Dopex's automated service that will auto-reveal your moves for you.
customIn this case, as soon as your move is challenged the reveal will be automated. We still recommend you take note of your secret code and moves just to be safe!
If you do not choose to use Dopex's automated reveal service, go ahead an click the 'reveal' button.
customRe-enter your original moves and you secret code then click reveal (if you are using the same device and have not cleared your cache, this will be automatically filled otherwise check your downloaded .txt file)
customAfter revealing your moves and secret code, refresh your screen and it will show whether you have won or lost.
NOTE: You have 4 hours to reveal your moves as a Duel Creator or your duel will be treated as a forfeit - this is to prevent funds being locked in the contract and incentivize a faster user experience.
customCongratulations, you have successfully opened and completed a duel!
* If you are a Duel Creator, if you choose not to share your moves and code with Dopex's automated service you must record your move sequence and secret code as you will need to input your moves in the correct sequence to generate the prompt to sign a transaction. Failure to input the correct sequence will prevent you from signing the reveal transaction and to forfeit the duel after it expires (you will still be compensated with Mint Credits for your lost wager).

Challenge Duel

To challenge a duel, scroll to the bottom of the screen to ‘All Duels’ and select a duel with a wager amount you are happy to match. Click the ‘Duel’ button.
customThis will take you to the ‘Find Duel’ screen where you can select your moves. Note that Wager amount is automatically matched.
customSelect your moves as per Create Duel. Note that the challenger does not need to note down their moves since only the Duel Creator needs to re-enter their moves to reveal moves.
customClick ‘save’ and then ‘duel’ and sign the transaction.
customThe duel will now appear in ‘Your Active and Recent Duels’ awaiting reveal from the Duel Creator.
customOnce your opponent reveals, you will find out what their moves were and who the winner is!

Duel Mint and Combined Mint

When a minter engages in the Duel Mint, there are two outcomes depending on if they win or lose a duel:
1. Win a Duel: Earn 20% of the loser’s wager
2. Lose a Duel: Earn Mint Credits 1:1 for every ETH lost to the Diamond Pepes Treasury (80% of your lost wager)
Mint Credits can either be used to mint a Diamond Pepe for free OR be used to offset the ETH cost of a standard mint. These can be seen here highlighted below:
customThe first option allows you to mint for free using Mint Credits ONLY. In the above example, 2.346 would only allow you to mint 2 Pepes for free (2.346/0.8 = 2.9325 < 3).
customClick on that button and follow the prompts. Note that any Mint Credits that are leftover will expire worthless after the Duel Mint period.
The second option allows you to combine Mint Credits with ETH from your wallet in order to make sure you do not waste any of your precious Mint Credits.
customIn the above example, the two Pepes are minted at the discounted Duel Mint cost of 0.8 Mint Credits which leaves 0.746 Mint Credits left over (2.346 – 0.8 * 2 = 0.746). To redeem the rest of the Mint Credits, the minter can spend 0.134 ETH and their 0.746 Mint Credits to satisfy the Standard Mint cost of 0.88 (0.134 + 0.746 = 0.88). This option allows you to make the most of your Mint Credits without needing to continue dueling.
Parting Words
CEO hopes that this walkthrough is helpful in teaching my little beans (i.e. you, the readers) how to navigate the mint site. If you have any questions, feel free to ask questions in #water-cooler-talk on our Discord.
CEO would like to stress again to note down your move order if you are duel creator since you will need to re-enter your moves in order to reveal the duel and also to be aware of the 24 hour timer to reveal your moves as a duelist!
To make sure all our nuggets are properly matched up for duels, we will be opening channels in the Discord where you can see who you wish to utterly destroy and send to the shadow realm.
Warm regards,
CEO of Diamond Pepes
customI'm feeling LUCKY!


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