September 26, 2022

Gen 2 Mint - Claiming your Lootbox

Good mnueenis my dear Employees and prospective duelists,
In previous posts about the Gen 2 mint, you would have seen references to a so-called “lootbox”. These limited edition series of official Diamond Pepes Pty Ltd. merchandise will be going towards the first 333 minters that successfully claim via the later-to-be-explained process.
Read on, people!
●     Lootbox is physical Diamond Pepes merchandise that will be sent to a minter’s chosen address
●     Minters must open a ticket on the Dopex Discord and verify their ERC-20 address by broadcasting a transaction to prove ownership of the NFT
●     Minters must give the team a name, address, and shirt size for the lootbox to be sent
●     Only the first 333 claimants will be eligible

What is a Loot Box?

Diamond Pepes Pty Ltd.’s loose tongued Employees have done a number of leaks on the ol’ bird app about what one might expect from their packages.
Some stickerinos mayhaps…
customThe CEO is asking for shirt sizes… but why?
customOn an unrelated note, our CMO has begun her sweatshop adventures.
customIntriguing… very, very intriguing.

How to Claim your Lootbox

1. Mint Gen 2 Diamond Pepe
The first thing you need to do to claim your lootbox is to mint a Gen 2 Diamond Pepe which can be done via standard mint or duel mint - read here to learn how.
custom2. Open a ticket via the #lootbox-claim channel on the Dopex Discord
Once you have minted your Pepe, go to the Dopex Discord and find your way to the #lootbox-claim channel.
customClick on ‘Create Ticket’ which will open a private channel for you and our friendly support staff.
3. Verify ownership of NFT
Our support staff will ask you to verify your ownership of the Diamond Pepe. You will first need to give your ERC-20 address to our staff members who will then give you a phrase to broadcast on-chain.
customYou will then go to the Broadcast page and enter the phrase you were told broadcast.
customYour phrase will then show up on Arbiscan as proof of your ownership of the wallet holding the NFT.
customCongratulations, you have successfully proved ownership of your NFT and can continue to the next step!
4. Give details to support for merchandise delivery
Once our support staff have verified your ownership of the Gen 2 Diamond Pepe, they will request some personal details for the lootbox to be sent over.
This will include:
●     Name
●     Street address
●     City/Suburb
●     State
●     Postcode
●     Country
●     Shirt Size (S, M, L , XL) and color (Black/Grey)
customNote that your privacy is our number one priority and we will ensure that this information will only be seen by those essential to making sure the lootbox goes to the right location.
5. Delivery
Once you have successfully claimed your lootbox, our team will be working tirelessly to get the package sent to your chosen address.
Please do stay tuned as the sweatshop of our dear Bulma works in full effect; toiling day in day out to ensure your merchandise is up to the highest standards!

Parting Words

Hopefully this quick little explainer goes over how you, our prospective duelist, can get their hands on their very own Diamond Pepes Pty Ltd. official merchandise. This limited collection of 333 boxes will be completely free of charge to our minters on a first-come-first-serve basis.
You want lootboxes? Then let’s PUMP THOSE NUMBERS UP, EMPLOYEES!
Warm regards,
CEO of Diamond Pepes


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