October 26, 2022

Diamond Pepes Halloweenis Special

It was a dark and stormy night, three men were sitting in a cave.
One man said “Oh, Nut Daddy, you’re so ridiculously good looking that I genuinely fear for my own sexuality”.
The second man agreed.
The third man, Nut Daddy, had just two phrases to respond to this. “It’s true. It’s all true.”
That’s right fellas, with Halloweenis approaching it is time for Diamond Pepes Pty Ltd. to get downright spooky.
And what better way to celebrate Spooktober is there than combining aspects of our upcoming Nu Profile Picture mint, the horrifying ethos of Halloween, and the sheer unbridled autism that embodies this fine Company?
Read on, lads!

Nu Profile Picture Mint

It should be no surprise to our readers that our dear friend 0xMinistry is currently preparing for an exciting Nu Profile Picture NFT mint.
This will be a free mint with 1,666 total units. 1,111 will be reserved exclusively for Gen 2 Diamond Pepe holders with the remaining 555 going to the public.
Oh? Scared you’re going to miss out? Feel free to mint your Gen 2 here to make sure that doesn’t happen!
We still have lootboxes containing kick-ass merchandise handcrafted by our dear CMO for our first Gen 2 minters so get in with HASTE!

Horrifying Ethos of Halloween

Spooky ghosts.
customFredeenis Nuger.
customGhost Bust-a-NUt.
customNuman Centipedeenis
Holy shit.
Halloween is truly horrifying.

Sheer Unbridled Autism of this Fine Company

“Oh Nut Daddy why in GOD’s name did you send us a picture of Desp eating Nini’s rectorino eating Casio’s rectorino eating Zoombie’s rectorino eating Halko’s recotrino eating Corp’s rectorino eating Bella’s rectorino eating Saitama’s rectorino eating Mario’s rectorino eating Bulma’s rectorino eating your perfectly shaped gluteus maximus?” I hear you ask.
Well my dear reader, as with all things the CEO prepares there is a method to the proverbial madness.
This Halloween, Diamond Pepes Pty Ltd. will be holding a little art creation competition that calls upon our FINEST artists to prepare their SCARIEST themed pieces. The above 4 absolute bangers are just some examples of the type of art we would love to see.
We will be issuing prizes to our top 3 submissions so make sure to pump those numbers up!

The Competition

Applicants are required to submit art that contains the Nu Pepe head which matches a theme of horror to go with the spooky season.
Submissions MUST BE TWEETED and the tweet link shared in #pepe-art on the Dopex discord. Make sure to tag @diamondpepes on Twitter and hashtag #halloweenis
Submission deadline: 11:59pm UTC 1 November 2022
  1. 1 (one) Gen 2 Diamond Pepe
  2. 1 (one) Nut Sax (formerly so-called "lootbox")
  3. 1 (one) $rDPX
Winners will be selected via a ballot from Dopex Core Team as well as our esteemed Board Room members.
The Company is looking forward to having the absolute privilege of viewing your monstrous creations.
Warm regards,
CEO of Diamond Pepes
customMr Starkeenis I don't feel so goodeenis.


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